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Learn how to keep your website up to date without the hassle of paying for a website designer

Bespoke Instructional Videos to make Updating your Website easy


Website instructional videos make
updating your website a doddle

How to update your Joomla website with a video.

You've got yourself a brand new website which is a great start!  However, to really benefit you need to keep it current, visitors and more importantly search engines don't like stagnant content.  Which means at some point you are going to have to bite the bullet and get involved, or pay a website designer lots of money to do it for you.  We think you'll agree that the first option is preferable.

Most of our clients like to play some role in keeping their website fresh and common scenarios we get asked to produce How-to videos include:

  • Editing the content on the website pages 
  • Posting a blog
  • Adding testimonials from customers
  • Adding photos to a gallery
  • Creating new website pages
  • Viewing the statistics on the number of visitors

How are the instructional videos made?
We record live using your website

Website instructional video in action on a Joomla website.

We record a live video of us editing your website, complete with a voice over, so nothing is left out.  The instructional video is then uploaded to YouTube using a private link that only you have access to*.  This means you can go back and watch it as many times as you like, when you like. 

Most clients agree it is a great way to learn how to update their website. Our website instructional videos are normally included in the price of our website design work.

* We would obviously be able to access it as well


Want to see it in action?
Watch an example of a how-to update your website video

We have produced website how-to videos for the majority of our clients ranging from basic website editing to highly complex tasks. They take us minutes to produce and we love to see clients get involved with the running of their website. This demonstration video gives you a flavour of what we produce for our clients:


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