Custom logo design for your website and business

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Your logo represents you and your business, it needs to look right

Your logo design is very important. It inspires trust. It should represent a level of quality that your customers should expect. It also tells your story.

We provide custom logo design for SMEs and larger organisations as well as working with startup companies who are looking to differentiate themselves in a fast-growing and competitive marketplace.

We will seek to get a good understanding of your company so that the colours used in your new logo will reflect what you stand for. 


Colours are very important,
we'll make sure your palette is just right

As well as a great logo, we’ll provide you with a set of colours, known as a palette, that we’ll use in your website design to create a professional harmonious look. Sticking to these colours is a basic website design technique. Far too often people try to use lots of colour and it just doesn’t work!

The importance of colour psychology cannot be underestimated. With our knowledge of this area of design we can choose colours that are most suitable for your type of business.

What you need to know

How long does it take to create a logo?

It typically takes a few days to come up with the initial concepts.  From there, we develop with you the final logo.  On average, this takes about a week.

What formats will you provide my new logo in?

We will supply your logo in JPG and PNG for use on email footers, Instagram posts, etc.  For printing, we will also supply AI, EPS and PSD formats.

How much does a new logo cost?

This depends on the number of concepts you want.  For three you should expect to pay £80, should you require more there will be an additional fee.

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