Choosing the Right Meta Title and Meta Description is Vital

Size really does matter, thankfully our online checking tool makes it easy.

Meta Title and Meta Description Counting Tool

Having a great Meta Title and Meta Description is a superb way to help boost your websites' search engine optimisation. Thankfully, these are easily updated on modern websites, allowing owners to improve the SEO properties quickly and effectively.

You can't underestimate
the importance of good Meta data

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The Meta Title and Meta Description Tags are the very first thing a visitor sees when they search online for a website.  Google generally uses the Meta Title on your website as the main heading for your search engine listing and then places the Meta Description underneath.

Having the right Meta Title and Description Tags is clearly very important.  Thankfully there are some simple rules to follow when writing these:

  • Keep Meta Title less than 85 characters.
  • Don't stuff the Meta Tags with lots of keywords.
  • The Meta Description should not exceed 200 characters.
  • The Meta description should be inviting and written in an easy to read way.

Getting the length of the Meta Title and Meta Description tag to be of the correct length is relatively easy. Using our online meta counting tools you can see instantly if they are the correct length.


This Meta title tag counter tool
will help you achieve a good title length

Use this tool to count how many characters you’re using in your Meta Title Tag as this is very important for Search Engine Optimization.  Google will truncate your Meta Title after approximately 67 characters, however, they may allow slightly more, 85 is a good approximation.  This tool is green when your Meta Title is 67 characters or less, it then changes yellow when the Meta Title length is OK, but could do with shortening.   Anything over 85 characters is bad practice and the background will go red.

characters remaining

Your Meta Title is a good length.
Consider shortening your Meta Title
Your Meta Title is too long.


This Meta Description tag counter tool
will really help your website's SEO

Use this Meta Description Counting Tool to count how many characters you’re using in your Meta Description Tag. This is your chance to entice visitors to your website from the search engine listing. Google will index more than it shows, and although it is generated dynamically, you should aim to keep this at 155 characters or less. The background goes yellow when you exceed 155 characters in your Meta Description Tag.

characters remaining

Your Meta Description is a good length.
Consider shortening your Meta Description


This will help you with writing
Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions

Online Meta Tag Counting Tool by Wingnut Websites for SEO

As well as getting the correct number of characters in your Meta Title and Meta Descriptions, it's also important that they read well.  These websites have some great ideas on how to do just that:

Meta Tags are just one aspect of SEO that needs to be considered, if you need help getting your website found click on the boxes below to see how we can help you!