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Website Photographs Protected by Watermarks

Watermarks can protect your website photos from being copied.


To protect the photos on your website it might be worth considering the addition of a watermark.  A watermark makes your photo very difficult to copy as it subtlety distorts your image without detracting from the overall image.  Your logo can also be added and a copyright message which denotes ownership.  The bird image has had all three image protections added to it.


Watermarks can protect your photos on your website

Photo and Image Enhancement

Using the latest version of Adobe Photoshop, we can take out imperfections in photographs, apply filters, tints, blur out sensitive information, subtlety change the appearance of people's appearance and more.  The possibilities are endless.  We can also apply borders to your photos or simply round the corners to enhance the look of your website.  Contact Us today and see how we can protect or improve your website photographs and images.

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