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Search Engine Optimisation can seriously improve your Google search performance. Prices start at £50

The Search Engine Optimisation Process Explained

SEO is a cyclic process - this ensures your website has the best chance of being at the top

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will not help "pigs fly", however – if the strategies are implemented correctly, SEO will genetically and organically, re-engineer your website so that it "flies like an eagle" in the digital world.

SEO is an involved and often complex process that requires quite a bit of research and modification so it fits in with your website. This in turn means search engines know your company website exists. Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing process that needs to be repeated so modifications can be made which ensure a site remains optimised.

Setting up great SEO strategies that work takes time. At Wingnut Websites we take the time it needs to complete a search engine optimisation project for our clients. Over a few weeks, the changes we expertly make to your website will filter across the Internet so that the major search engines1 will take note of them.

What we will do...
...research your customers and your competitors' websites
  • We will do a search to establish which words people use to search for the things you sell which is known as keyword research
  • We will analyse the competitions' websites to establish what makes them successful
...modify and tweak your website so its more search engine friendly
  • We make sure the right geographical audience is targeted both in the UK and Worldwide
  • We will improve website content to include the necessary keywords and phrases
  • We will alter some of the website parameters which are hidden from your visitors but are easily identifiable by the all-important search engines
...tell the world about your website
  • We will ensure the major search engines know all about your website
  • We will generate a sitemap to make things easier for search engines to index your website
  • We will make sure you are listed on major mapping directories namely Google Maps and Apple Maps
  • We will make sure your site is added to the appropriate directories
  • We will ensure people add valuable links to your website
  • We will use social media namely Twitter and Facebook as advertising platforms to establish your online presence


The SEO process explained by Wingnut Websites.Once all this has been accomplished, we will carry out a thorough review of your websites' performance before the whole process is repeated a second time around.

We can offer you programs to check out how successful our endeavours have been with Google Analytics being our preferred choice of software for the purpose. We can quickly set you up an account which would allow you to monitor the volume of people who land on your page which in turns means you can see the increase website traffic to your site. We will also show you how to interpret the many charts available so it all makes sense.


1. The major search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing and Lycos.