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Top ten free business directories to improve your website off-page Search Engine Optimisation

To improve your Google Page Rank, it’s important to get good quality links to your website – this should form part of your off-page SEO strategy.  A simple and very cheap way (free, except your time) is to add your site to various business directories.  We have collected a list of the ten best business directories to register with.  They vary in the features on offer, so it’s best to try them all!

To really improve your off-page SEO when registering your business in a directory we suggest the following:

  • Make sure you add a link to your website.
  • Don't pay to get a listing, unless you really think it will pay dividends.
  • When registering, consider using an email address you don't mind getting spam email in.
  • Consider uploading some images to a gallery if available and adding descriptive text.
  • Make sure you write unique content on every directory, don't cut and paste from your website.

Google My Business

The number one place to get a listing for your business is Google My Business.  It was formerly known as Google Places and as the most popular Internet search engine in the UK you must get yourself listed here.

The ability to add photos, opening times, description and reviews are just some of the features available to the discerning business owner. You will need to get verified with a postcard, but this is a fairly simple task. You will also want to complete the Services section for good mobile search performance.

Google my Business directory is free and can improve off-page SEO.


Yell Business Listing for Off-Page Links is the second best free listing.

Yell offers a comprehensive business listing. As well as featuring in Google searches, your business will appear in all searches and in the mobile app version of Yell.

Listing is easy and you can add a vast number of keywords in the Services/Products section. Also worth doing is adding your social media links and of course your main business website.


FreeIndex has been in existence since 2003 and offers a great place to list your business.  As well as links, the site is crawled regularly by the Googlebots and your listing will appear in Google search results within 24 hours.

By completing more of the profile questions you business ranks more highly within the FreeIndex website.  Customer reviews will propel you to the top.

FreeIndex directory listing for your business with help your SEO.


Lacartes Business Directory is Free

This is a relatively new business directory, but it is well respected by Google, and you can expect to be listed on it very promptly. It has a very professional look to it, and you can even add a header photo to make your listing look very smart indeed.

Make sure you add all your keywords in the Offering section to get your business found.


Scoot powers the business directories of The IndependentThe SunThe Mirror and Touch Local, so getting yourself listed here makes sense. Although you don’t get a free link to your website, you do get them to your social media profiles.

An upgrade costs £199 + VAT and gets you a priority listing.

Scoot Business Directory Network has free listings available.


Cylex business listing directory is free for business users

Another popular business directory is Cylex and is human edited, consequently it performs well with Google’s search algorithms and it is worth getting your business listed here.

The Cylex business directory operates in over 30 countries. Your business listing can have multiple keywords, long and short descriptions, logos and more.

Bing Places for Business

Another fantastic place to get a business listing is Bing Places. Although Bing only has 2-3% of the search engine market, the results from Bing Places appear on all Windows based PCs by default.

They have made it easier to register for this directory if you have an existing Google my Business listing.  Simply sign up and import it over. 

Bing Places business directory is a free business listing


Yelp business listing for off-page SEO

Yelp is a global business directory for local businesses. It offers a comprehensive range of features, including a website link, opening hours, photos and more. It’s recently been updated to make registration easier which is great!


A comprehensive directory listing that has the usual features, however, the unique selling point of this directory is the ability to post news about your company on the website.  Definitely worth five minutes of your time to get listed.

The free to register SearchMe4 Business Directory as part off your off-page SEO strategy.

UK Small Business Directory

UK Small Business Directory has an option for free registration.

Last but not least, the UK Small Business Directory offers a human edited directory in microdata format. Definitely worth the effort of getting listed on here, don’t forget to say thanks to Tim for this great small business directory.

Other free business directories to consider

Open Di – A PR7 human edited directory.

Thomson Local – Now offering a free link and used by people searching on the web and in the published directory.

Locanto – Offers free advertising of services across the United Kingdom.

Unitel Direct – Can take a while to get listed here, but every little helps.

What you need to know

What are the best business directories to get listed in for SEO?

Without doubt, Google my Business is the best place to get listed for improving visibility on Google. It not only gives you an improved listing, people can add reviews and you can post regular updates all of which will help boost your SEO.

Should I pay to get a premium business directory listing?

Sometimes it is worth paying a little extra to get a better listing, but only if you are guaranteed to get a link to your website. If you get a link with a free listing then don't bother.

What might happen after I submit my free business listing?

I some circumstances you may receive a sales call from the directory asking you to confirm your details and then try to sell you a better listing. Politely decline...

Do business directories really help with SEO?

Provided you use good quality business directories, then having a listing will be beneficial.  You need to bear in mind that this is just one small part of the many factors that determine how well your website ranks on Google.

What else can I do to help with SEO for my business website?

If you have got yourself listed in all of these business directories and still want to do more then get in touch with us and let us help take your business SEO to the next level!

Want to know some more?

Our SEO Expertise

Having been in the SEO business for over 12 years, we have a very good understanding of what it takes to optimise your website and get found online. We only employ techniques that are industry standard and won’t get you banned by the likes of Google if you try to fast track the system – it simply doesn’t work! Business directories are only one facet of the tools available to score well on Google, there are many other factors that come in to play.

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