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Website Tweaks to Improve Your Website

At Wingnut Websites, assessing and implementing minor tweaks and changes to your website is a seamless, affordable and easy option because no task is too small for us to undertake for our clients.

The possibilities are endless – below are just a few examples of the many adjustments we can implement to improve your website so it stands out from the crowd and gets your company noticed.



Need to get your business on the major mapping websites? We can get you listed on Google and Apple Maps so customers can find you on their mobile devices at the click of a button. This is a valuable website tweak that pays dividends.

We can also embed Google maps onto your website, so people can easy find your business location and get directions.

Website Photographs

Would you like to safeguard the photos and images published on your website so they're protected? We can watermark images, copyright text and tweak photos by rounding off the corners to enhance the look of a website giving it a professional look that visitors notice.

Website Artwork

Are the headers and footers on your website in need of a revamp? We can carry out the work fast and efficiently whilst at the same time altering page backgrounds by changing the colour or adding interesting images that grab visitor's attention.

Would you like your company logo to appear in your website's address bar? We can design and create a great Favicon for your site with no trouble at all so your brand gets noticed.

Social Media Integration

Do your need to get in on the Social Media act? We can add buttons to your website so visitors can share the info they find on a page with other people and friends via their favourite social networking sites.

We can easily add social media feeds from Facebook and Twitter to your website in no time at all. This is one website refresh that will enhance it and bring in valuable traffic.

Search Engine Optimisation

Would you like to keep track of how your customers arrive on your website? We can easily set up a Google Analytics account which allows you to monitor the traffic that visits your website. This gives you a clear picture of browsing behaviour and the things visitors are most interested in allowing you to streamline your business.

Would you like to have sitemaps created for your website? We can easily generate the necessary sitemaps and submit them to all major search engines so it's that much easier for your website to be listed.



Would you like to set-up email on your website? We can easily arrange for the email to appear on your website and handset in no time at all.

Are you tired of all the "spam mail" you receive via your website? We can implement all the right measures to prevent spam mail from clogging up your website's email account making life easier for you all round.