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An international registered farrier based in Oxfordshire.

About The Project

Hannes Snyman, a distinguished farrier with extensive experience, required a robust online presence to showcase his craftsmanship and attract clients in Oxfordshire and beyond. Leveraging stunning imagery that captures the essence of his work, we embarked on designing a new website that reflects the professionalism and expertise synonymous with Hannes Snyman Farrier Services. Our focus was on creating a visually engaging platform that not only highlights his skills but also provides visitors with a seamless browsing experience. The website features a dynamic gallery that can be easily updated to showcase his latest projects, alongside client reviews that reinforce his reputation for excellence.

Empowering Ownership: Interactive and User-Friendly

A key aspect of our approach to the farrier website design was to empower Hannes Snyman with the ability to manage and update his website independently. To achieve this, we developed bespoke instructional videos tailored to guide him through the process of making amendments and updates. This hands-on approach not only enhances user-friendliness but also ensures that the website remains current and responsive to Hannes Snyman’s evolving business needs. By enabling him to control the content, including new reviews and gallery updates, we have facilitated ongoing engagement with his audience and reinforced trust in his services.

Driving Engagement and Growth: Optimising Functionality and Visibility

The integration of interactive features and user-friendly navigation has significantly enhanced the functionality of Hannes Snyman’s website, driving increased engagement and client conversions. Prospective clients can explore his services, view his portfolio, and read testimonials with ease, fostering confidence in his expertise as a farrier. Moreover, our strategic approach to SEO ensures that the website ranks well in relevant searches, expanding Hannes Snyman’s visibility across Oxfordshire and attracting a broader audience interested in quality farrier services. This comprehensive digital strategy not only strengthens his online presence but also positions Hannes Snyman Farrier Services as a leader in the field, committed to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Project Details

What you need to know

How long does it take to build a farrier website?

If you already have a logo and the content (words and pictures) to go on your new farrier website, it will take approximately two weeks to build. A new logo will take about a week if starting from scratch and would need to be done first, as this provides the colours that will be used on your website.  We often find that writing the words to go on a farrier website often take longer than expected but we would provide guidance on this.

How do I edit my farrier website once it is built?

We’ll provide full instructions on how to edit the words and photos on your farrier website as part of the build costs.  For major changes, we can provide a very competitive quote.

Do I need a logo for my farrier website?

Technically speaking you don’t need a logo for a farrier website.  That said, a professionally designed logo looks fab on a website and can really help you look credible.  We can help create you a new look with our logo design service.

Does my farrier website need to be responsive?

With over half of all internet browsing and searches done with a mobile phone or tablet, it is vital your farrier website works on these devices.  A properly designed farrier website should do just that and change its appearance depending on the screen size.  All of our farrier websites work on all devices.

How much does a farrier website cost?

Websites are quoted on a basis of how much work needs doing.  A very basic farrier website would start at £499. We know we are not the cheapest but strongly believe we provide a solid product, backed up by excellent customer service (see our reviews).

How can I make my farrier website stand out from the crowd?

Photos are key to making your farrier website look good. Visitors are more likely to contact you if you have good quality photos. Investing in a photographer will pay dividends in the long run, as well as providing you with photos for any printed material or social media posts.

What SEO do you need for a farrier website?

To get found, your farrier website will most likely need to be on the first page of Google or Bing.  This will require your website to have some search engine optimisation carried out on it.  All of our farrier websites have the on-page SEO done while being built.  You may need off-page SEO after the website goes live to get the best result.  We can help with that too.

Do reviews help a farrier website?

Absolutely, in this day an age, people expect to see some recent client reviews on your website. Reviews create trust and some would say are one of the most important factors in deciding who a client chooses.

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