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Longworth Parish Council

A bustling parish council in Oxfordshire

Parish Council Website Designer

About The Project

Longworth Parish council did not have a website, so this project was completed from scratch.

We helped design a new logo for the parish council, incorporating a rose that features in the village. The website is WCAG 2.1 compliant and features an accessibility button to change font size, background colour and highlight links.

A file system was added to make the storing of documents on the website easy to use by the parish clerk and website visitors.

Project Details

Client Review

From the parish clerk

I am the clerk for a small Parish Council and have found Wingnut's help to be excellent and tailored perfectly to our needs. We now have an attractive, clear and compliant website. As a novice I needed help at my level and always felt that this was provided without giving me more information than I could cope with! The process of transferring information has been made easier by expert help, with great "how to" videos and quick responses to my queries. Thanks very much Wingnut!
Parish council website design
Judy Roche
Parish Clerk

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What you need to know

How long does it take to build a parish council website?

If you already have a logo and the content (words and pictures) to go on your new website, it will take approximately two weeks to build.  We often find that writing the words to go on a parish council website often take longer than expected but we would provide guidance on this. Uploading of documents is normally a straightforward process and everything will need to be in PDF format.

How do you edit the parish council website once it is built?

We’ll provide full instructions on how to edit the words, latest news posts, events, documents and photos on the parish council website as part of the build costs.  For major changes, we can provide a very competitive quote.

How much does a parish council website cost?

Websites are quoted on a basis of how much work needs doing.  A basic parish council website would start at £650. We know we are not the cheapest but strongly believe we provide a solid product, backed up by excellent customer service (see our reviews).

Will the parish council website be WCAG 2.1 compliant?

The website will be built to conform to best practice  industry standards for web design and accessibility.  The website will also have an accessibility menu for increasing text size, changing background colour and highlight links.

Does a parish council website need to be responsive?

With over half of all internet browsing and searches done with a mobile phone or tablet, it is vital that a parish council website works on these devices.  A properly designed parish council website should do just that and change its appearance depending on the screen size.  All of our parish council websites work on all devices.

What SEO do you need for a parish council website?

To get found, your parish council website will most likely need to be on the first page of Google or Bing.  This will require your website to have some search engine optimisation carried out on it.  All of our parish council websites have the on-page SEO done while being built.  Typically, there will be some good quality links to your parish website already, negating the need for any additional work to be done.

How do you make a parish council website easy to navigate?

It’s always a great idea to organise the website in such a way that is logical for anyone visiting the parish council website.  We like to keep our menu structure simple and easy to use.  This also keeps the mobile menu as small as possible.  Having more than two layers is generally a bad idea for user experience.

What is a good domain name for a parish council?

The shorter your domain name or web address the better.  The full guidance can be found on the website.

We would recommend using the as opposed to purely for brevity.

The domain name will not influence how the website is indexed on Google.  We can provide guidance on this as well as the procedure for applying for a domain name.

What information needs to be on a parish council website?

Parish councils must adhere to the guidelines set out in the Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities. Which states the following information should be published:

  1. All items of expenditure above £100.
  2. End of year accounts.
  3. Annual governance statement.
  4. Internal audit report.
  5. List of councillor or member responsibilities.
  6. The details of public land and building assets.
  7. Minutes, agendas and meeting papers of formal meetings.

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