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Shield Roofing

Professional roofing contractor covering the Midlands, Wales and the South West.

Roofing contractor website design

About The Project

Shield Roofing aimed to replace their self-built website with a professional roofing contractor website design to boost their online presence. We created a modern, bespoke business website incorporating numerous features to keep it dynamic and engaging for visitors. This new design ensures that Shield Roofing’s online identity is as robust and reliable as their services.

Easy Updates and Fresh Content

The new roofing contractor website design utilises WordPress’s built-in news post system, making it simple for Shield Roofing to add projects and latest news updates. This feature ensures the site remains current, effectively showcasing ongoing work and company updates. Regular updates are crucial for maintaining an active online presence and supporting roof installer website SEO efforts.

Bold and Modern Aesthetics

The roofing contractor website design prominently features the bold and modern combination of Sofia Pro and Proxima Nova fonts. This choice enhances the website’s visual appeal, aligning with Shield Roofing’s professional image and making the site both eye-catching and easy to read. The design aesthetics are tailored to convey professionalism and attract potential clients.

SEO Optimisation for Increased Visibility

To further boost their online presence, we implemented comprehensive roof installer website SEO strategies. This involved optimising meta tags, incorporating relevant keywords, and ensuring the website content is search engine friendly. These efforts are designed to improve search engine rankings, making Shield Roofing more visible to potential customers searching for roofing services online. This strategic approach ensures the website attracts organic traffic and converts visitors into clients.

Project Details

What you need to know

How long does it take to build a roofing business website?

If you already have a logo and the content (words, pictures, reviews or videos) to go on your new roofing company website, it will take approximately two weeks to build. A new logo will take about a week if starting from scratch and would need to be done first, as this provides the colours that will be used on your website.  We often find that writing the words to go on a roofing contractor website often take longer than expected but we would provide guidance on this.

Does my roofing contractor website need to be responsive?

With over half of all internet browsing and searches done with a mobile phone or tablet, it is vital your roofing contractor website works on these devices.  A properly designed roofing company website should do just that and change its appearance depending on the screen size.  All of our roofing contractor websites work on all devices.

How do I edit my roofing company website once it is built?

We’ll provide full instructions on how to edit the words and photos on your roofing contractor website as part of the build costs.  For major changes, we can provide a very competitive quote.

How much does a typical roofing contractor website cost?

Web designs are quoted on a basis of how much work needs doing.  A basic roofing contractor website would start at £499. We know we are not the cheapest but strongly believe we provide a solid product, backed up by excellent customer service (see our reviews).

What SEO do you need for a roofing contractor website?

To get found, your roofing contractor website will most likely need to be on the first page of Google or Bing.  This will require your website to have some search engine optimisation carried out on it.  All of our roofing company websites have the on-page SEO done while being built.  You may need off-page SEO after the website goes live to get the best result.  We can help with that too.

How can I make my roofing company website stand out from the crowd?

Photos are key to making your roofing contractor website look good. Visitors are more likely to contact you if you have good quality photos. Investing in a photographer will pay dividends in the long run, as well as providing you with photos for any printed material or social media posts.

Do reviews help a roofing contractor website?

Absolutely, in this day an age, people expect to see some recent client reviews on your website. Reviews create trust and some would say are one of the most important factors in deciding who a client chooses.

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